How To Deal With Rejection

Published August 16, 2022 tag category
How To Deal With Rejection

Who’s Penis Is It? The Battle for Ejaculatory Control

There is a war going on for ejaculatory control and it’s not about men gaining control of our penises. It’s all about which treatment is best men with premature ejaculation challenges.

Anal Sex Tips – Your Guide to Entering Through the Rear

You’ve been considering giving anal sex a try, but you weren’t sure if you will enjoy it. Relax; the anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that feel amazing when stimulated by a tongue, finger, penis, or toy. Before engaging in anal sex, you should be completely prepared – mentally and physically. Foreplay before anal sex is not only fun, but downright necessary. Here are our top ten tips for enjoying anal sex:

How To Stay In Touch With Her Sensitive Body Parts During Love Making

When it comes to sex, patience is a virtue. Unlike men, women do not have the ability to dive right into sex.

The Sex Position For Lovers: The Lotus

I’m presenting you today one of the favorite sexual position for lovers in search of intimacy and tenderness; the Lotus. Take the time to discover what it has to offer…

What Causes Loss of Sexual Desire

As an AASECT certified couples and individual therapist, I know loss of sexual desire effects many, many individuals and couples. Loss of libido can be very frustrating, confusing, and upsetting for all involved. Ruling out possible physical causes of loss of desire is often the first step.

Quick Sex Tip: How Birth Control Can Enhance Your Sex Life

The status of your sex life can be important in choosing birth control just as are the medical concerns. Consider both very seriously. Besides, what is hotter than worry free sex?

What’s Love Got to Do With “It”? God’s Plan for Sexuality in the Modern World

Tina Turner, Baby, all I have to say is, you got it ALL wrong! It’s not difficult to look at lives surrounded by easy come/easy go sex, drugs, alcohol, money, abuses of all kinds..