Another encounter of the close kind

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Another encounter of the close kind

As she walked across the lawn she could feel her heart beat faster. She hadn?t seen him in a long time and knew that he missed her. He talked a good game when they emailed each other and he always kept his word.

He opened the door for her and she stepped in, taking off her shoes and facing him. He was wearing only a white towel around his waist and she moved in quickly to kiss him. Then looked down at the now protruding hard on he had promised. She loved looking at his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, and was always amazed at how he never had any tan lines but was always a rich dark color, perhaps it was in his blood.

They kissed passionately as they walked into the living room. He was still kissing her and telling her that he missed her as he reached his hand under her skirt to tease her clit, only to be pleasantly surprised that she wasn?t wearing panties and she was clean shaven, she was always clean shaven and he appreciated it.

Laying her down on the floor he told her he had a /surprise/">surprise for her, and reminded her that she had told him that she would do just about anything. He started licking and rubbing her clit, sliding his fingers in and out of her /wet/pussy-wet/very-wet-pussy/">very wet pussy , listening to her moaning in pleasure. He reached behind him, stopping only for a split second to grab a vibrator with an egg attached. Turning it on low, he slowly teased her lips with it, then slid it inside of her, while still licking and sucking on her clit. She could feel the warm sensation that went through her body as she was getting closer to cumming. He could hear her breathing and moaning becoming more uncontrollable and he sped up the adjustable vibration, then slowed it down again, bringing the egg up to her clit as xxx well as his tongue. 

She was in total paradise, the pain from yesterdays work out at the gym was gone, the only thing she felt was pure /ecstasy/">ecstasy. She loved the way he ate her out. This might be the /first-time/">first time she didn?t stop him before she came. She always stopped him because she wanted his cock instead of his hands and tongue. This time though, there was no stopping. She had both her hands on his neatly shaven head, rubbing and pushing his head into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. She couldn?t help herself as she arched her back and pushed her hips up to meet his tongue and the vibrator. She knew she was getting close and could hear herself moaning as the first pulse went through her, she almost screamed but could only say his name over and over as she came.

Waiting for a few more seconds to enjoy this amazing feeling, then pulling him toward her. He had lost the towel somewhere along the way and was now positioned over her head, his beautiful cock just inches away from her waiting mouth. She stood up and motioned for him to sit on the couch. Kneeling in front of him, she was determined to give him one of her infamous blow jobs. She wanted to see what his reaction was, she had never given him head to completion before and she almost came again just at the thought.

She licked just around the tip of his hard lovely cock, then put her warm wet lips just around his head, lowering herself slowly over it, and taking it all into her mouth, his reaction was exactly what she expected, a surprised moan immediately followed by ? o g-d?. Bringing her right hand up around the bottom of his shaft, she brought her lips back up to his head and then back down again quickly, massaging his rock hard cock with pulses from her hand, lightly squeezing. She knew she was going to cum if she kept this up. And moved her left hand down to fondle herself while her right hand and mouth worked on him. She couldn?t believe that he was going to cum already!!! She could hear him saying her name over and over and feel the muscles in his legs tighten as she took him into her mouth again, stroking and sucking his cock until he came in her mouth, she loved cock, especially his. She swallowed every drop then licked his head clean while he shuddered from the sensation. 

Sitting back and licking what was left of him off her fingers she smiled at him. He took a minute to compose himself and told her that she had definitely earned her bragging rights, and that it was the /blow/best-blow/">best blow job he had ever had. She replied by telling him that getting her hands, and mouth on a fabulous cock helped. 

He told her that he would need a few minutes to re charge as he stood and went to the kitchen to get her a glass of porn videos download water. They stood and chatted for a little while about work and the usual stuff. Nothing too personal. She never got personal with him, but could sense that he liked that she actually listened. He told her that he liked her nail polish, he always felt like she kept herself well maintained just for him. She updated him on her recent move to a newer apartment, and told him that the company she was contracted through would be moving her in December. He seemed bothered by it but didn?t comment. 

They were now seated on the floor again, in the living room. Both with a towel wrapped around their waists. He couldn?t keep his eyes off of her. Her hair a little bit messy and her perfect breasts staring back at him. She knew he was staring and she knew she was still wet and wanted to come again, with him inside her this time.

He watched as she got up from her place across from him on the floor, straddled his legs and sat down on his lap facing him, dropping her towel nearby. She kissed him roughly and bit his lip. Damn she was hot! He liked that she wanted him so badly, his wife was never like this and he could imagine that her husband wasn?t either. He could feel her wet, /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy pressing against his hardening cock again and pulled her closer to him. Kissing and biting her lips and down her neck, to her perfect breasts. First the left one, then the right one while was rotated her hips to rub herself against his cock. She was one hell of a tease but the pay off was always worth it.

She wanted his cock inside of her and wanted it /bad/">bad, she could cum just thinking about it, and him nibbling on her nipples wasn?t helping the matter. She slid her right hand down to rub her clit a few times and to wrap her fingers around his cock, it was pulsing now and she knew he was going to give her one hell of a ride. She positioned herself over him and slid herself down until he was all the way inside of her, she wanted it fast and hard and wanted as much as she could get. 

He rolled his head back and put his hands on her hips as she raised and lowered herself, when she as all the way down, he pushed his hips against her and her moans showed her appreciation. Her hands were around his neck pulling him close to her as she rode him. He couldn?t believe that this beautiful woman was bouncing on his cock. He didn?t know what he had done to deserve this but he would keep it up if this was the reward.

She nearly drew blood when she bit his lip, as she kissed him. He was buried deep in her pussy and could feel her contracting as she started to cum, she was moaning so loud but he didn?t care. The neighbors weren?t home and it was making him harder to hear her. He wanted to blow his load so bad but knew that she wasn?t finished with him yet. She leaned back and lifted herself so that he wasn?t inside of her anymore. Sitting facing him she whispered in his ear, take me NOW!.

He lifted her off of him and moved around behind her as she kneeled down and wiggled her ass in the air. He put just the tip of his dick between her dripping pussy lips a few times, then brought it back out; then she pushed back against him until he was all the way inside her again, she was obviously not going to tolerate being teased. He slid back out of her as he grabbed her hips. He slammed back into her and she cried out. He knew this is what she was after and she let him know it. Pushing herself back against him hard enough to almost knock him backward. He pushed back against her. She kept calling his name and telling him to make her cum. He moved his left hand down her thigh and his right one forward to massage her clit. She was moaning and repeating his name as she leaned down further to take him in deeper. He knew he was going to blow his load inside of her and just the thought passing through his mind started the reaction. He leaned forward to kiss her neck and back and whispered to her, asking if she was close. The timing was perfect. She was moaning that she was coming and to fuck her harder. He grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her as she yelled out ? o g-d? . He couldn?t remember ever having cum this hard, even with her, especially after she had sucked him off earlier. He arched his back and slammed his hips into her, pushing as far as he could into her pussy. He couldn?t stop fucking her. He was cuming so hard but still couldn?t stop ramming his cock into her. Yelling her name through clenched teeth he pushed himself into her one more time and held her against him.

She could feel his cock pulsing inside of her as she cried out in pleasure, she knew she was cuming so hard and loved the feel of his cock inside of her, she wanted to hear him say her name, this was first time they had been together that he had done that. But then again, this time was a first for a few things. She reached down and fingered her clit a little more as she came. Loving the shocks that went through her body. Both from excitement and from pure, /raw/">raw sexual energy.

They both laid down next to each other for a little while. Her hand on his deflating member. He looked at her longingly as he kissed her again. He wished that she could stay, even just to talk. He liked talking to her, It was a new insight, a new opinion. A new face. One that had just given him the best blow job he could remember.

They both knew their time together was short, she put her clothes back on, put her hair back up, looking so professional in her dress shirt and skirt. He still couldn?t figure out how she did that, how she managed to look innocent and professional but could still fuck his brains out like nobody else.

He walked her to the door, embraced her again with a few more long kisses and told her he looked forward to seeing her again. She wrapped her hands around his cock again and told him she was too. 

She was already out the door, walking away from him when he felt his heart beat again and realized that he missed her before she was even out of site. It wasn?t his dick that missed her this time, it was his heart.