Halloween party with the phantom

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Halloween party with the phantom

Jamies pussy was still tingly, and a little sore as she dressed for the
Halloween party. God, she loved the way Steve fucked her in the shower, 
and she would have loved to drag him into the bedroom for 3 or 4 more 
hours of fucking. But Steve was on the board of a local charity, and 
scheduled to be emcee at tonights party. She had to admit that it was 
very sexy that he took the obligation seriously, and truly enjoyed his 
work raising money for the charity. 

He was the best lover any woman could ask for, kind and gentle one
moment, aggressive and forceful the next. He was a mans man; he loved 
sports, especially football... but he also appreciated the finer things 
in life; theatre, wine, and clothes. She always marveled at the way he 
could work all day in the yard, strip out of his sweaty clothes, shower 
quickly, and be positively glowing in his tux in less than 45 minutes. 
And be incredibly handsome and sexy at each stage... especially in the 
shower, she smiled. 

And thats exactly where he was now as she rushed to finish getting
ready; downstairs in his tux - this time with a European medallion and 
a cape as accessories. Oh, and with pointy plastic incisors as well, he 
was the very picture of a very sexy vampire. Jamie had finished her 
hair and makeup in record time, and was now starting to dress. She 
paused in front of the mirror in just her black lace bra that barely 
contained her firm round breasts, and the matching thong that almost 
highlighted rather than hid her recently fucked pussy. She whispered to 
her reflection, "You are going to get the fucking of your life tonight 
Mr. Alexander, and youre married to just the woman who can do it too!" 
She smiled at her almost naked body, one last time; feeling her pussy 
moisten as she did. 

"Come on Babydoll, were going to be late!" Steves voiced boomed up the
stairs, in a gentle and yet firm voice. "Ill be right there, I just 
have to throw on this dress, and grab my shoes." Jamie responded as she 
wriggled into her costume. She had decided on the "Sexy Witch" outfit 
after much indecision and wavering. With its faux leather bustier and 
short skirt, it was very sexy; which she liked. But it also had an 
outer skirt of sheer lace that hung to the floor in several places, and 
a shawl to lessen the impact of the top. She had chosen it as the 
perfect compromise between sexy and ?appropriate, not that the 4" 
heels she was wearing with it did anything to tilt the outfit in favor 
of ?appropriate she smirked. 

She stepped into her shoes before she dressed, and bent to buckle the
straps. Her sweet round /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass was high in the air as she bent over, 
her /legs/sexy-legs/long-sexy-legs/">long sexy legs straight. "What a lovely ass!" The sound of her 
husbands gasp made her look up, and she caught her reflection in the 
mirror. The tiny strip of black lace that had been covering her pussy 
lips had actually begun to slip between her swollen bare pussy lips. At 
the moment Steve wanted nothing more than to drop his pants and ram his 
rapidly swelling cock deep in his wifes cunt, and fuck her senseless. 
Jamie actually braced for him as she slowly rose up and looked at him, 
her hands on her hips. "Well, are you going to fuck me, or just stand 

Steve actually paused to consider his wifes question before she
interrupted his thoughts, "dont worry baby, youll get plenty of what 
you see before this night is through... but right now can you help me 
with my dress please?" Steve knew his wife loved to tease, and truth be 
told he loved that about her. But they also knew they had to get going 
before they succumbed to temptation, as they usually did. Steve held 
her dress for her as Jamie stepped through. He made sure he got to feel 
her body from many different angles as she did, and Jamie allowed 
herself to linger as he did. 

As Steve went to pull the dress up, they were both startled out of their
erotic haze by a long loud ripping sound as a large portion of the 
sheer outside skirting tore away. "OH NO! My dress ripped!! Now what am 
I supposed to do?? We should have already left 10 minutes ago!" Jamie 
was beside herself, not so much angry; but upset that she had spent so 
much time looking for JUST the right costume, and NOW it was torn. 
Steve saw the tears welling in her stunning bright eyes, and felt his 
heart breaking for her. Suddenly, as he was looking at her, the answer 
was obvious. 

"Babydoll, you didnt need this part of indian santali xvideo the dress anyway... it was
covering your /legs/sexy-legs/">sexy legs. Youll look even sexier without it." Jamie 
looked in the mirror and realized that Steve was right; the dress 
looked better on her without the outer lace, and the torn remnants of 
it made the costume look even spookier... and sexier both. "You dont 
think its ?too much for your party, do you?" she asked Steve in a 
sniffling little girl voice that melted him every time. "No baby, its 
perfect... just like you." Jamie through her arms around his neck and 
kissed him deeply. "You are the smartest man in the whole world, and I 
am so glad I married you!" As he watched her walk across the room, 
Steve smiled at his sexy wife, "Me too." he thought. 

As they pulled up to the recently renovated Hilton in Steves Saab, a
werewolf and the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz came out to greet them 
at the valet parking stand. As Steve came around the car and tried to 
hand the keys to the wolf, he completely ignored him. When Steve turned 
to see what had him so distracted, he saw where his full attention was 
diverted. Jamie had started to get up out of the low-slung car, and had 
to part her legs slightly to get enough leverage to stand. In that 
moment, anyone looking in her direction was treated to a spectacular 
view of Jamies completely shaved pussy barely covered by the tiny 
piece of black lace that constituted her panties. Jamie suddenly 
noticed where the men were looking and held down the hem of her dress 
as she rose. As the wolf reached out to take her hand and assist her, 
Steve could have sworn he saw his alain lyle porn wife wink; "that little tease", he 
thought and a subtle smirk crept across his face. 

As Steve once again tried to hand the keys to either the wolf or the
scarecrow, he was told in a familiar voice, "Im sorry sir, but youll 
have to go park it yourself while I devour your sweet wife here." 
"Barney???" Steve laughed when he realized that the lecherous wolf was 
actually another member of his charity board... that would make the 
scarecrow Rob, another board member. Jamie rose up on her tiptoes to 
throw her arms around Barneys neck and kissed his wolf snout, "Hi 
there, Barney, how is my favorite wolf?" Barney just growled as he 
hugged her. He held her just a bit longer than he really needed to, 
enjoying the feel of her body in his arms, and coincidentally giving 
Rob a good long look at the spectacular ass cheeks tightly snuggled in 
her skirt. When Rob realized that Steve was looking at him, he blushed 
furiously. When he saw Steve smile, he just shrugged and all 4 walked 
inside to the party. 

"STEVIE!!!" a woman dressed like Elvira practically screamed as he came
into the room, and ran to embrace him, her sizable breasts wobbling 
under the open front costume. It was Joan, the morning deejay from the 
local radio station, and she made no secret of the fact that she found 
Steve to be incredibly sexy... even when she was on the air. Jamie was 
not crazy about her, not because she perceived Joan was any kind of 
competition for her. After all Jamie had a vastly superior body; to say 
Joan was a little ?chunky was a kindness. Not only that, but Jamies 
face was also stunningly beautiful, where as Joans was barely average. 
But Jamie disliked the kidding she had to endure from friends, 
co-workers, and even strangers at the gym, because of Joans effusive 
crush on Steve. But Joan had done a lot to support the charity, 
although Jamie suspected it was as much so she had a reason to have 
Steve in the studio with her as it was for the kids. But it was a 
charity event, so Jamie smiled politely while Joan pawed her husband, 
knowing that Steve could probably see her entire breasts from where he 
was, although he didnt appear to be looking. Besides, her husband 
despised being called "Stevie" she smiled to herself. 

Not that Jamie wasnt enduring a gauntlet herself; every male board
member and patron who even casually knew Steve used the occasion as an 
excuse to embrace his sexy wife. A few had taken advantage of the open 
bar as well, and the booze made them a little freer with their hands. 
Not only was Jamie having trouble getting the men to look her in the 
eye, but many felt a certain need to rub her back and stop halfway down 
her lovely ass.. Suddenly, she was having second thoughts about 
discarding the longer outer skirt section so quickly. On the other 
hand, seeing the "radio slut" all over her husband seemed to allow her 
to more easily enjoy the attention from all the other men. 

As the dining room doors finally opened, they were both caught in the
sudden crush of bodies as over 300 costumed people pressed to be the 
first to claim their seats. Jamie was suddenly aware that she and Steve 
had been pushed in opposite directions, and she found herself 
surrounded by a civil war general, Chewbacca from Star Wars, 
Frankensteins monster and other assorted party goers. She never liked 
crowds very much and was feeling very claustrophobic and panicky.