Catching Up With Lloyd

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Catching Up With Lloyd

I was late for my interview and things weren't looking very rosy,I had no idea where the offices I was supposed to be at were located. Getting more frustrated and anxious about losing my chance to get a new job, which I needed badly by the way, this was nojoke.

I decided to run into the next place of business on the same street and ask whoever was there if they could point me in the right direction.As I approached a big car wash place I could see the back view of a tall,broad black guy spraying the yard down. Usually I would be checking him up and down as black men are my personalfavorite but I was more concerned about getting to my interview before all hope waslost. As I got closer to him he turned slightly to his left and I saw a side profile of his face, he was /cute/">cute, handsome even, I got right up to him and was just about to open my mouth to speak when he turned completely to face me and I could not believe it, it was Lloyd, my /friend/best-friend/">best friend throughout most of my years at college. 

Well here he was and looking good too. He recognized me in an instant and we just instinctivly hugged each other, he was musclely, he smelled like a man free porn movies download who works hard but it wasn't a /bad/">bad smell it was very sexy. We shook hands and Lloyd stood back to check me out. "Wow, you've grown haven't you" he said, he had this smile on his face that made me feel strange, I hadn't seen it in the same way through all our 4 years at college together. My dick twitched slightly, dear god I thought, not now, not here. Lloyd asked me what I was up to and I told him I was looking for a building on the same street and just by chance he was the person I wasasking.

We both smiled at the coincidence of it all."Well, I could tell ya, but then, you'll wanna get going and...well Its good to see you." I thank him because he looked so sincere,again, I was seeing him in a different light. We had walked while talking into his small office.Turns out he was the Manager.

"I heard about your thing" he said, taking me by /surprise/">surprise
"What thing is that?" I asked
"You know" "The gay thing"

I went bright red and said nothing, Lloyd could clearly see I was uncomfortable with him knowing about my sexuality."Its not a problem with me" he quickly said,trying to comfort me I suppose,

"In fact Paul, we have more in common than you think, I looked at him with a puzzled expression."You don't know the half of it Paul"
By now I was intrigued, I had to know what Lloyd was talking about, I had never thought he might be gay, he is so masculine and never found it hard to get with girls at college.

He walked towards me and started to unzip the boiler suit he had on and started to pull it down, underneath he was wearing dark blue sweat pants that were quite tight, I could clearly see the outline of his dick in his pants and it looked a healthy size indeed. I didn't know what was happening, he took the boiler suit all the way off and stood there for a second before walking past me and locking the office door.

"Whats going on Lloyd?" "You know I'm late for an interview"

He came straight at me and kissed me while rubbing his bulge against my crotch, my dick sprang to attention and we lip locked for a few moments.
"I've wanted you since we met at college" he said while tracing the muscles in my neck with his lips, the passion in his voice was quite overwhelming, I gave in and gave up any chance of making it to the interview an we embraced for a good 5 minutes, finding each others sensitive spots, he was gripping the cheeks of my ass and pulling me into him, his breathing got heavier and the bulge in his pants was now huge. I put my hands down the back of his sweat pants and felt that he had no /underwear/">underwear on, he pulled back and looked at me then looked down towards his dick, I knew what to do.

I lowered myself down and pulled down his sweat pants at the same time, his dick popped out and looked straight at me, I couldn't get over its size, he was at least 9 inches long, beautiful uncut and thick, his pubic hair was silky, black and smelt /sweet/">sweet. I wasted no more time and opened my mouth and lowered it down over the head of his /dick/big-dick/">big dick, I pulled the forskin down with my lips and licked the head with vigour, I looked up at him briefly, his eyes were closed and he was holding his vest up with his right hand, his stomach muscles were some of the finest I had ever seen. 

He cupped the back of my head and pushed it back down on to his dick, I opened wide to take it all in this time, I decided to give him the suck of his life. I knew none of the girls he messed with at college could have sucked that dick like I knew I could, I slid up and down the entire length of his beautiful black dick sucking on him hard and wet, he began to thrust himself into my mouth as I went down the length. All the time he was moaning,calling my name even,this was a hot scene. Finally I stood up and went to kiss him again, now Lloyd wanted to take control, he told me to undress so I started to take my shirt and tie off, he unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants around my anckles, he cupped my ass and pulled at my boxers, stretching them,his hands slid down and under my ass to my groin where he rubbed me with both hands.

"Let me hit that" moaned Lloyd, staking his claim on my ass, I got a major rush to my dick when he said it, I leant back and played with his rock /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick and walked backwards to the desk behind me.

"How do you want me?" I asked him as I sat on the desk with my legs raised,
"Just like that is fine" he replied and proceeded to pull my shorts up and off, I suddenly realized how unprepared I was for this to happen to me on this of all days, I had no lube or condoms on me and didn't expect Lloyd to have those things lying around his office, but I had to ask."Have you got anything to put on it?" "Some cream or anything?"

He said he had some hand cream that he usues because of all the chemicals he uses from day to day. He reached inside a drawer in his desk and pulled it out, I told him to put it all over his dick and around my ass. He did it and took hold of his dick with his right hand and stroked my hole with his left, he pressed the head up against my ass which nearly made me cum right there and then, I was really getting off on looking at his dark dick sliding up and down the crack of my butt, he mad his first attempt at opening me up and it hurt like hell, I closed up,"Relax" he said and smiled at me,"There's no rush" I relaxed again and took hold of his dick and guided it in myself, this way I could control how much pain I could take at any one time, before I knew it he was in and it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.Lloyd started to pump my ass slowly,very deliberately, in,out, in, out, he was watching me all the time as he slid in deeper and deeper, I reached around and grabbed his ass which was juicy and plump, I pushed him in deeper and kept my hands on his ass as he pulled out and rammed back in again, shit I was diggin this bigtime.

He was almost lifting me off the desk now as his thrust's got faster and harder, his balls smacked against my ass every time he plunged into me, we were getting louder, breathing heavier,we were both lost in the moment as corny as that sounds,it's true. 

Lloyd pulled his dick slowly out of me and told me to turn round and kneel on the desk,he wanted to get a good swing going. He pushed the head back in and gently slid it in until he was completely buried inside me, I could feel his pubic hair against my ass cheeks, he stayed there for a few seconds just savouring the moment,then he started to get to work on it, this time he was unstoppable, pounding in and out of me like a man possesed, I was loving it though,no complaintshere.

Each time he slammed in he gave out a loud groan, the sweat was dripping off my nose onto the desk as he filled me up and hosed me down, damn it was good, I asked him to cum on my back and to let me know when he's close to it, a few minutes later he shouted "I'm gonna cum!" I had been jerking my own dick as he fucked me and was almost there myself, he carried on pounding my ass, he had one leg raised off the ground so he could really get a good angle for the deepest penertration possible, it worked a treat, I had a sudden rush where I almost blacked out andrealized Lloyd had fucked the cum out of me,my cum was all over the desk, I felt Lloyd pull out and he let out a roar like a lion as he sprayed hot sticky juice all over my back, it dripped down by my sides onto the desk.He slapped his dick on my ass and put it back in briefly, I full hd xvideo download gasped, he was sliding in and out now very slowly, his dick semihard, eventually he pulled it out, turned me over and jerked himself just above my head. 

I didn't think any more cum was in him but he surprised me and shot another load that just hit the corner of my mouth and sprayed my chest, I lifted my head up to lick his balls and he pressed my head into them with his hand, the smell was funky in a nice way, I took in a deep breath and I could feel his now limp dick sitting heavy on my cheek, I licked my lips and sucked on it until I had no more energy left.

Lloyd clearly was happy, he said as much "I haven't busted a nut like that ever, no girl has ever made me cum like that"
"So? Am I the first man you've played around with?"
"Yeah man, the very first, I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime"
"No argument from me, that was amazing, that dick is dangerous" I laughed.

We exchanged numbers and that was it, two years later we are an item and I get to taste that beautiful big black dick any day of the week ending in Y.