The visitor part one

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The visitor part one

I am out of service. I was in a car accident. Not a /bad/">bad one but I did break my hip and I have a ridiculous collar around my neck. Needless to say, I can hardly move and I have no desire for sex. My husband is in great need of some fucking, I can tell. I suggested we place an ad online for temporary help. I do not think that I could watch him fuck another woman and asked if he would mind fucking a guy. His only condition: that he be bisexual; he would feel more confortable with the idea. He agreed to try so we place the ad.

`Temporary help wanted. Clean, experienced, bisexual man between 30 and 40.` We received 12 responses within one hour! We looked over the pictures together and picked one to invite to our house the following evening. We went to bed terribly excited. My husband asked if it would be a good idea that he prepared for the next evening by stretching his /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. We have a very /dildo/large-dildo/">large dildo that he covered with vaseline and slowly pushed up his ass. I have used it on him with the strap-on before. Lying on his side, his back to me, I held the toy in him as deep as it could go while he masturbated. He fell asleep shortly after, the large rubber cock deep up his ass. When I woke up the next morning, I saw that the toy had slipped out. I gently opened his ass cheek and pushed it back in. This woke him up with a moan, and a hard on. `Hold on masturbating`I said. `Keep it for tonight'.

My husband came home from work early. He said he could not concentrate at work anyhow. The guy, his name was Jake, was expected at seven, in four hours. `I should stretch my ass more`he said anxiously. `We should look for something bigger than your dildo`he added, and started lookinng anxiously around the house.`Maybe I can use my fingers`I suggested. `That will not be enough`he responded. `Let my try to stretch you`I gently pleaded. `Go get the vaseline and meet me in the kitchen`.

I made myself as confortable as I could on a chair facing the table. When my husband came back, he was naked. He handed me the vaseline and understanding what he needed to do, bent wwwxxx over the table, his ass at the level of my face. I pulled him towards me until I had his ass hole right where I could lick it and so I did, to relax him. I played with his ass hole for at least 10 minutes, listening to his moans of pleasure. I then push him over the table, and dipped my fingers of both hands in the vaseline. I started with one finger, pushing as far up as I could. Then two fingers, then three. `/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder`my huband pleaded. `Not so fast, I want to take my time and stretch you as much as you can endure, gently. Just relax`I responded. I took my fingers out and went back in with the index of each hand, then with two fingers of each hand. I was fucking him gently, going in and out with him responding to every insertion with a growing moan of evident pleasure.

Whit one hand he had started strocking his large erected cock hanging at the edge of the table. I started the stretching. With every insertion I pulled my fingers apart just a little to avoid pain. My husband was not feeling any or he was enjoying it because his soft panting was my indication that I could pursue. I introduced a third finger of each hand and stretch his hole further. I could see the pink skin of his inside wall. Afer half an hour I had stretched his ass hole to the size of our dildo but I could not go up far enough.`I will fuck you with my hand now`I warned him. He had a movement of nervousness.`I am ready`. he simply said in a moan. And so I pushed all fingers of one hand, up to my knucles in his nicely streched hole, my other three fingers still in to help with the stretch that would be needed to get my hand in. I pushed gently. My husband was now panting quite hard with whinning sounds mixed with moans of pleasure.

Confident that I could give that push to get my entires hand the wwwxxx in his hole, I removed the three fingers of my other hand and pushed. My husband was breathing heavily. I was wet as can be. `My hand is in your ass hole now,tell me when you are ready for more`I told him. `Do it! /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass! That feels so good! Stretch me more!Do it`. He yelled at me. I grabbed the vaseline. My hand was in to my wrist. I pulled it out to the largest part of my hand and left it there while I covered my forearm with the vaseline. The whinning sounds were louder but I knew he wanted it. I closed my hand into a fist and pulled it out some more, then pushed in. I could feel the soft inside of my husband up to half of my forearm. `I want more! /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard`!`my husband said, yelling louder. I pulled out completely only to push back in, fist first up to almost my elbow. `Farther you /bitch/">bitch!`he yelled, turning to look at me with commanding eye.

I pulled out again then back in then out then in trying to push as far as I could, as fast as I could. My husband was holding on to the table with both hands panting loudly. `Fuck me bitch, fuck me bith, fuck me bitch`coming out of his mouth in a voice I hardly recognized. After more than an hour of this extreme /fisting/fist-fucking/">fist fucking, I was up past my elbow up his ass. I took my arm out and clasping both my hands together, I push two hands up his ass to the middle of my forearms and fucked him hard and fast. `You fuckin bitch!`he yelled, cum gushing from his unattend cock. I took one hand out and left one in still up to the middle of my forearm.

He lifted himself up, my arm up his ass and pushed down to my elbow. He remained in this partly crouched down position until he had calmed down. Then he got up, grabbed my arm and pulled it out. He looked at me smiling. `I am sorry I called you bitch. Thank you. I'm ready'. He was.