My First Gay Experience212

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My First Gay Experience212

What can I say? I am a normal boy living my life like any others. I thought I was straight until one night our new neighbors moved in. The neighbors /son/">son was 5"9, stalky, and very hot. But Icouldn't believe myself I am talking about other men. I soon become very arousedstaring at his very muscular torso. He was helping is parents move in. He looked the same age as me. So I wanted to introduce myself but I wasn't going to with my huge throbbing hard on. So I unzip my pants and pull out my enormous 11" dick. I masturbated thinking about the man. And as I was ready to cum I saw him look up at me and smile. That made my dick explode. And I wanted to keep going. This man was turning me on so much. With his curly /blonde/">blonde hair and his huge pecs. I couldn't stop. I had cum three times just staring at him. So I pulled my dick back into my pants and went down to greet him.

I went outside to his house and asked for help. He replied "Sure, but don't you need some help yourself?" As I caught him looking down at the massive hard on in my pants. I smiled and ran back inside my house. I started to bang my head into the wallshouting, "Stupid, stupid, stupid." As I heard the doorbell ring. I went to look to see who it was and it was the man. I opened up the door andasked, "What do you want?" and he replied, "How about some help?" As he leaned in to kiss me. I felt his tongue go down my throat. I felt the hotness of his breath. I wanted to fuck him right there. We went to the living room as I locked the door behind us.

I couldn't wait to feel him in my ass. I ripped off his shirt and kissed his neck, his chest, and his stomach. I slipped my hands down his pants only to feel his giant dick in my palm. I began to grasp it as I unzipped his pants and slid them down, (He wasn't wearing any /underwear/">underwear). I rubbed his dick on my face and my chin. I began to suck his bulging penis as I tasted his pre-cum. I grabbed his butt-cheek with my left hand as I was yanking his /balls/huge-balls/">huge balls with my right. I felt him shoot his /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth as he let out soft low moans. I got off my knees and started to kiss his neck...

As he softly whispered into my ear, as I felt his /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet breath on myneck, "I want to fuck you." He then slid my boxers and denim jeans off and started to rub my dick. I turned around and bent over as he slid his giant dick in my anus. It hurt at first but after awhile all I felt was pleasure. He continued blowjob porn videos to jack me off has milf porn videos he fucked me up the ass. His left palm wascaressing my thighs as he fucked me harder. I heard his heavy moans getting louder as the pre-cum ran into my ass. I felt his dick release its cum in three or four strides. I shot my load all over my jeans lying on the floor.

I then turned around and softly said into his ear, "It's my turn." So I liedhim down onto the floor and opened up his legs. I leaned in closer as he wrapped his strong muscular legs around me. And he shouted, "Fuck me, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard!" I pulled the foreskin back from my rippling cock and tickled his /asshole/">asshole with the tip. I slowly slid the whole 11" inside of him one inch at a time. I started to slide my hand up hissix-pack and pinched his nipple. He leaned up to kiss me. I Fucked him for ten minutes releasing everything I had in four loads.

We just layed there kissing until he said he had to go. He told me his name was Sam. So my final words for the night was..."Nice to meet you Sam." As he walked out the door completely naked I suddenly had another hard on. But I wanted to be well stocked and ready for tomorrow...

Me and Sam were good buddies into our /college/">college years. Every weekend we would meet underneath the stars in my backyard and have wonderful sex. No one knew about it and they would never find out. But until this very day I wonder, "Was it really worth it?"