Three to watch

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Three to watch

This story that happened to me last Christmas break. I was good friends with Paige, Nicole and Amy for about two years when I took the dare. After Nicole’s /party/birthday-party/">birthday party, and most people has gone home there was only Paige, Nicole, Amy and Paige’s boyfriend Mark and me left in the house. Mark had had a lot to drink and had passed out on the couch. I was a little buzzed, but the girls were getting drunk fast. Nicole was 5’5, blond hair, /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass and a pair of tits I have been fantasizing about for years.

Her 34 C perky chest was very nice. Page was also very sexy, she was only a B cup but she looked good in a bathing suit. Amy was a little heavy, not /fat/">fat by any means, but had /tits/big-tits/">big tits at least a D and had a pretty face. I had had a little crush on Nicole for a little while now and she was being very playful with her conversation. She started talking how horny she was and she wanted to go play with her self. She asked every body how many times they masturbated in a week. Paige said she did not need to because her and Mark were very active. Amy and Nicole both said that they averaged 2 to 3 times a week. When attention turned to me, I got a little embarrassed and said I did not want to play.

That made things worse for me because they would not let it drop. They kept asking and finally Amy said she would show me her tits if I told them. When I agreed she pulled up her shirt and her braw and her big tits bounced out. Both girls look at her and then back at me and said ’Well how many times’? I admitted that once a day was average. A little surprised by my answer they fired many questions at me like where was my favorite place was, when it happened, what I thought about. I got really embarrassed and said that I was not telling them unless I got some thing in return. I told them that I would answer each question if an article of clothing was shed.

They looked a little shocked but agreed and we moved into Nicole’s room in case Mark woke up. The girls sat on the bed and I was facing them sitting on the chair. First their shirts came off and I told them my favorite place was in the shower or watching some porn. That really peaked Nicole’s interest. She asked what my favorite kind of porn was and I told them they had to remove some thing else. They cheated and took off their socks. ’My favorite kind is the girl guy with a nice finish. Paige, a little naive asked what that meant. Before I could answer Nicole said ’it is when a guy cums on the girl.’ The next question was weather I like to think about a girl when I jack off.

This time I wanted to see some panties and with that they agreed. Nicole was wearing a nice little bikini bottom. Amy and Paige were both in thongs. Paige’s was very nice and that started to get me very hard. Amy asked if I would take off my cloths and I said that I would only if they removed their bra and panties. Amy and Nicole agreed but Paige said she would not remove her old waman xxxgx panties. I said that was ok and took off my shirt and my pants. With my boxers still, it was oblivious my cock was very hard. Nicole said that for her birthday she wanted to watch me jack off and cum. At first I said no way. Amy suggested that if I did this I could cum on her if I wanted to. I was still hesitant and after a little while I said I would. I pulled down my boxers and started stroking my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. All three bokep sma pecah perawan were watching intently. Paige said that she was very turned on and got up and waked out of the room.

Nicole and Amy who were fully naked were not going any where. Having seen it in a porno one time I stood up and walked over to the bed. ’Both of you get on you knees’ Amy did not need to be told twice and slid down to her knees before me. Nicole started rubbing her pussy and she looked at me and said ’I want to Fuck’. Amy said I want to see him cum first. Nicole slid down and both were on there knees in front of me. I was getting close and told them to grab their tits and hold them up for me. I shot my load on Amy first, holding it back I aimed and came the rest on Nicole. It was a big load and Nicole was covered. Nicole said she wanted to fuck me now.

We had sex three times that night and started seeing each other after that. Amy and I never hooked up but I still tell her how hot her tits were that night. Paige went and woke up Mark. It was hottest night of my life.