The Best I Ever Had

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The Best I Ever Had

I worked for a fairly large company, housed in a six-story building, on a floor with mostly women. The majority of the women were married, in their thirties and forties, with a few of the women being older, some younger. I had made the huge mistake of dating one of the younger women who was my age, around 26, and when I broke it off, it was a nightmare for a while. Women are very vengeful and this one was a bear, but I was friendly with a few of the married ladies and they finally got her to back off. I used to eat lunch with a couple of the married ladies every day but Friday, that was my beer and burger day. Some of these married ladies were really hot for having kids and being past so called prime. One of the women I ate lunch with, her name was Lisa, was one of the hot ones. Women tell everything and I knew she had gotten married two weeks after graduating high school, had two daughters right away and was thirty-six years old. One Friday, Lisa asked me if she could go to lunch with me as she had a bad morning and needed a drink. I said sure but it was just a beef and beer place and she said, that will do fine. When we got there all the tables were taken and there were small booths all the way at the back of place. I asked if she was okay with the booth and she said it would do great. We slide into the booth and like I said it was small so we were almost touching. I ordered a beer and burger and Lisa ordered a mixed drink and burger. We talked about the company for a few minutes, when out of the blue she said, Carol, the girl you had the fling with at the company, said you are really great in bed, in fact the best she ever had and she would spread her legs for you anytime you asked.

I almost choked, looked at Lisa and said, she said all that, wow, women really do tell everything. She went on to say, you know I was married right out of high school, have never been with another man but my husbands idea of sex is, he climbs on top of me, gets his rocks off, wipes his dick off on my leg and goes watches TV. She said I know it?s better then that, I want to find out how much better and from what Carol says, you?re the man. I was kind white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie of stunned but she quickly went on to say, I promise you I won?t tell a soul if you do this for me and I?ll do anything you want as long as it doesn?t cause pain. I looked at her, thought she is really serious, so lets find out how serious and said to her, your pussy is all wet isn?t it. She said yes and I put my hand between her legs, she spread her legs apart and I grabbed her pussy. Unfortunately she had jeans on so all I could do was squeeze her pussy and rub it. I looked at her and her head was back with her eyes shut with a pure sexual look on her face. I saw the waitress coming with our stuff and moved my hand away from her pussy. Her eyes flew open, she said please don?t stop, I was really enjoying that and I said the waitress is here. The waitress put the stuff down, gave me the bill, walked away and I grabbed Lisa?s pussy again. She pushed her cunt against my hand; having the most lustful look on her face I had ever seen and said I want you to fuck me right now. I said I would love to but it really wasn?t practical, she grabbed my hand pushing it into her pussy and said maybe we could leave work an hour early.

I said, honey I need a lot more then an hour to take care of you, her eyes got as big as saucers and she said, really, how much time do you need. I laughed, said all night but that would be hard, so why don?t we take tomorrow off and spend it at my place. She was looking at me wide eyed, said God, all night, said all night again kind of dragging it out and said, what do you want me to wear. I thought for a second, said you know if we both call in sick the ladies there will start a rumor mill so I?ll call in sick, you go to work, say you must be coming down with something, leave and come to my house with what you always wear but naked underneath. She said, are you sure you don?t want me to wear a mini skirt and I said I would love you to but don?t give the ladies food for thought. My cock was so hard then that it felt like it was made out of stone, so I put her hand on it and she grabbed it as best she could through my jeans squeezed it and said I can?t wait until tomorrow. We finished lunch, got in my car, which I pulled around to the back of the parking lot and said, pull your jeans down for me sweetheart and she didn?t hesitate a bit, pulling them down to her ankles. I reached between her legs, could feel the heat coming off her pussy, ran my finger up and down her blazing cunt and stopped to work her clit. Her head was back with her eyes shut, saying over and over, oh God, oh God, stiffened up an, said I?m cumming, fuck, I?m cumming and shot her hot cum all over my hand and wrist. Her cum was /hot/red-hot/">red hot on my hand and I instinctively shoved two fingers into her pussy and with the other rubbed her clit, sending her body into spasms and her hollering, yes, God yes and she came again. She didn?t move for a few minutes, then turned to me grabbed my head, kissed me and said oh, thank you baby, thank you, I never came like that even when I play with myself. 

Her hand brushed against my cock, which had turned to stone, said my poor baby, we have to do something about that and took my cock out of my jeans. She had the softest hands I had ever felt on my cock and I told her that and that she was going to make me cum using those hands on my cock. She smiled and in a rather husky voice said, I want to make you cum, worked those hands up and down my prick and all I could do was sit there, my body stiff as a board. She played with my cock for a minute, took my pre cum, rubbed it over my cock and started jerking me off in earnest. I can usually last for quite a while, but what these ladies hands were doing to my prick brought me to the edge real fast and I shot my load all over everything, dashboard, seats and Lisa. She took out my handkerchief, cleaned both of us as best she could, looked at me and said, that was really incredible, asked if I liked what she did and asked me if I was going to eat her pussy tomorrow because Carol said I had the most incredible tongue in the world. I looked at her, said I can?t wait until I see you naked, yes I loved her hands and yes eating her pussy was one of the things I was going to do to her body. She said, I wish it was tomorrow, so we should get back to work so tomorrow comes and then said oh, do you want me to shave my pussy, I read that some men really get turned on by a shaven pussy. I said no way, I love pussy hair, the more the better and she said thank goodness, I hate to shave there.

She showed up around ten the next morning looking as hot as hell. This was the first time I had ever seen her with a full-blown make up job and she was really hot looking. I told her how hot she looked; she blushed a little and said I wanted you to think I was pretty. I said for my money, you?re gorgeous, let me look at you. She said I changed in the car because you see me in jeans every day so I borrowed one of my daughter?s outfits. She had on one of those cheerleader mini skirts, with a low cut blouse and heels and I think I started to drool a little. I made her turn all way around for me and told her to lift her skirt for me. She said in that husky voice that made my cock jump, I would really like you to lift it, so I went to her got down on one knee, lifted her skirt, right in front of my nose was her really sexy, pretty pussy with nice full, almost /pussy/fat-pussy/fat-pussy-lips/">fat pussy lips that almost made me drop a load in my pants. I could see she was turned on already, her pussy was totally wet and I couldn?t resist so I started licking the hell out of it. I loved the smell of /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy and hers was really hot, she was moaning, her legs were shaking so I pushed her into the chair behind her, put her legs over my shoulders and stuck my tongue in her pussy hole. I loved tongue fucking a hot tasty cunt and Lisa?s was super hot and I think, the best tasting pussy I ever ate, I guess pussy?s got better with age. Lisa was lying there moaning, oh God, over and over and I started giving her pussy a real workout. I licked it from top to bottom, making sure I was getting a lot of her pussy juice into my mouth because it tasted so good, started tonguing her clit and then sucked on it. When I started sucking her clit, I put two fingers into her pussy bringing her ass up off the chair, she was now moaning, holy fuck, holy fuck, put a finger in her asshole and she started cumming like a dam had broke. 

She told me later she had never cum that much in her stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv life before, not even close. I didn?t want to stop then; I wanted to taste more of her sweet nectar before I took her into the bedroom. I kept my two fingers in her cunt, the one in her asshole and started fingering both cunt and asshole at the same time as I was licking her pussy. She hollered, Jesus Christ what are you doing to me, don?t stop, don?t stop and I sucked her clit back into my mouth, she screamed out something and filled my mouth with her hot sweet cum again. My poor dick was aching so badly, but my mouth was so happy, I wasn?t sure I wanted to stop eating that magnificent cunt. I decided my cock needed attention so I sat up, took her shoes off, undid the skirt, pulled that off, while all the time I was doing this she was lying back in the chair panting like a dog. I told her to sit up so I could take her blouse off, she sat up, said holy fuck, that was the most incredible feeling I ever had in my life and kissed me. When she took her tongue out of my mouth, I took her blouse off and saw a set of really beautiful tits, large dark pink nipples, really large areola surrounding those beautiful nipples, just the way I like tits to look. When I told her how much I liked her tits, she said really, you really like them, because my husband told me I looked like a cow. I said your husbands an ignorant fuck because you have the most beautiful tits I ever saw in real life and preceded to suck on a nipple.